Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Please Say It's Goodbye, Sarah!

After Obama's win last night, I have to say that McCain made a very gracious speech after his loss. It seemed like the old McCain, not the sold-out one. I noticed that Sarah Palin stood idly by, very quiet, just waving her pageant hand at the end of the speech. I'm sure she wanted to talk - there must have been one last negative word to spew - but her eyes looked rather teary, if not a bit surprised. I think this disillusioned woman really thought she was a shoe-in. As far as I'm concerned, she got way too close.

So Sarah, please go back to Alaska. And take the "First Dude" and your brood of children with you. And please give up these 2012 aspirations, as I suspect you won't be any more qualified in 2012 as you are now. Your Barbie doll look with tight skirts and spike heels, little knowledge, and arrogance like none I've seen before have sickened many women. You truly did take us back 100 years and any educated, intelligent woman just plain didn't like it or appreciate it.

We wish you well - but go back to your mooseburgers, or perhaps the allure of a television talk show, but leave the politics to women who stand for women's issues, support other women, and have an intellectual curiosity when they don't have all the answers. Your lack of these things have insulted us all. Leaving with your very low approval rating, the only thing you ever really appealed to was the men staring at your legs. This is all fine and good - and quite human - but not to run our country.

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