Friday, November 21, 2008

Sarah's Big Turkey

As almost everyone has seen the video at this point, I'll pass on showing it yet again. But, for Sarah Palin to hold an interview in front of turkeys having their necks broken...does this woman have an ounce of class? She seems oblivious to what is going on behind her - or does she simply just not care?

As a vegetarian, I really don't care to see animals slaughtered. On the other hand, I respect that people like what they like and should eat what they want to eat. However, holding an interview in front of turkeys being killed while you have just pardoned one doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

My question is: Are there any animals that this woman respects or likes? She clearly doesn't care about endangered species (such as polar bears) and seems to have no qualms on shooting and hunting other animals just for sport. There is clearly no love lost, and I really feel sorry for any domesticated pet who might find its way to her doorstep.

Geez, lady. Get a grip, would you? After your seven "exclusive" interviews, this one really tops it all off. Like the racist rednecks in the south who continue to fly the confederate flag- get a clue: "You Lost!" And please, move on. There are much more important things going on in the world. And the last thing any of us needs to see is a bumper sticker with your name on it for 2012. This makes me want to lose my lunch more than the whole turkey incident.

Maybe you should go back to school, learn to read some books (especially before you write that is a whole other blog!), and take some etiquette classes. Designer suits and spike heels do not make someone classy, and librarian glasses do not make someone smart. And as far as the whole redneck thing, I'm not really sure how you unlearn that one. But, really, in this video on turkeys - the only real turkey is the one conducting the interview.

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