Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Do They Really Not Know They Are Taped?

The dishonesty in this election has gone beyond ridiculous. Sarah Palin seems to take it to an art form - both in just downright lying and in denial. Does she really not realize that she is on tape for the opposite of what she says?

McCain seems to be doing the same thing. From his hypocritical statements about Obama regarding his associations (when he has the same ones, or worse) to the whole Letterman fiasco - all the contradictions are played out on various news channels. They really seem to have no idea that they can be disputed by simply running a tape.

As for Palin, she seems to only answer in rehearsed speeches that don't really make any sense. A favorite funny man - in Monty Python, various movies, and hilarious writings - John Cleese states it quite well:

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Strong said...

No, they don't know. Here's why.