Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Great Idea from an Obama Supporter

Barack Obama has always had an especially close relationship with his grandmother and grandfather. When Obama was ten years old, he moved in with Madelyn and Stanley Dunham, his maternal grandparents. They helped in raising him to be what he is today. His grandmother, who he frequently quotes and remains very close to, is seriously ill. Naturally, he took some time off from campaigning to go and visit her.

In response to the question about the $150,000 spent on clothing by the RNC, an idiotic comment was made stating that the real issue was that Obama should have flown on a commercial flight to visit his grandma (a bit unsafe for a presidential candidate). An Obama supporter put together this great idea in response to this comment:
"I created a special Obama-Biden donation page in response to (Brad) Blakeman crossing the line, mocking Obama for "taking a 767 campaign plane to go visit Grandma." It's a way for people to send Blakeman a little message, and far more importantly, make a donation specifically in honor of Sen. Obama's grandmother, Madelyn Lee Payne Dunham."
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