Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Hatred Continues

One of the cool things about America is that it is a country made up of people from all over the world. Unless you are Native American, we are all from someplace else at some point or the other in our backgrounds. The diversity in this country is what makes it interesting and I, for one, really enjoy that we have many different cultures and backgrounds. We should celebrate this - not label, not generalize, not point fingers. For one race, class or sex to think they are better than the other is beyond understanding to me.

For the first time in our history, we have an African American running for president. And he is doing extremely well - much to John McCain's chagrin. Barack Obama is well educated, has a calm demeanor (fitting a leader), has promising ideas, and is so much more intelligent than our current president there is simply no comparison. For people to look down on him because of his race is ludicrous - especially since he could run circles around most of them.

The lashing out toward Obama from the Republican side continues to get more and more appalling. People yelling out violent suggestions, along with the lies being spewed, never seems to stop.

At the latest stop in Minnesota, Norm Coleman and Todd Palin stand idly by while a sign saying something as sickening as this is displayed: "Charles Manson was a Community Organizer?" At what point will this stop? It not only shows no class, it is absolutely repulsive. To ignore this when you are on the stage and say nothing to denounce it is as disgusting as the person in the crowd holding the sign up.

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