Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Short Comment on the Last Debate

In the last debate between McCain and Obama, the senators once again seemed to show their true colors: Obama, cool and blue, McCain, not only red, but red-faced.

McCain's anger was apparent throughout the debate, many times looking like he was ready to blow. His aggressive attacks toward Obama did not provoke him enough for the reaction that McCain wanted, but he never stopped trying. He was accusatory, biting, and yes, seemingly desperate. When Obama calmly explained the very logical connection of his associations - and who he really goes to for advice - McCain seemed to be seething.

Obama showed a calm, cool tone that screamed leadership. McCain just looked like he wanted to scream. His eyes were darting and angry, and his smiles were sarcastic. With all this rage, is this really what people want in the oval office at a time when our country is crying out for change and strong leadership?

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Strong said...

Somebody needs to tell McCain to change his medication....