Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sarah's Personal Way of Stimulating the Economy?

The news came out today that Sarah Palin has spent over $150,000 of the Repubican National Committee's money on clothing. While it is understandable that she is in the public eye and has to spice up her image, isn't this a bit extreme?

First of all, Ms. Palin makes very good money. She is not an "average folk" as she likes to say. According to a quote from the Washington Post, Governor Palin and her husband make a pretty healthy salary:

"According to the Washington Post and a March 2008 financial disclosure form reported elsewhere she makes, as governor, $125,000 a year in salary, plus about $60,000 in reimbursable expenses. Her husband Todd Palin earns $93,000 a year. Neither have any credit card debt."

Seriously, who needs to spend this kind of money for clothing? And to spend money donated to the Republican National Committee when you have a salary at this level?

I certainly have nothing against any of these department stores - they are good stores with classy clothes. But, I could never in a million years spend $150,000 on myself, friends, and family altogether. And she is criticizing the Obama family? At least Michelle Obama is more sensible in her clothing purchases - and at least she uses her own money to purchase things of this nature. And I'm sure Hillary Clinton purchased her own attire as well.

Second of all, this once again shows the hypocrisy this woman seems to stand for. The dishonesty and finger pointing at others when she continues to take advantage of every opportunity she can is a list that seems to go on and on.

With the struggles most people are facing in the current economy alone, even the most dedicated Republican might have a bit of a problem with this one.

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