Sunday, October 12, 2008

Enough Games

I've lived everywhere from the midwest to the south to the east coast, and places in between. I've traveled extensively - both overseas and throughout the United States. I was raised to be very open-minded and have always seen people as individuals. Generalizing is dangerous - and ignorance, racism, and sexism is just downright stupid.

The current race to the White House just seems to get dirtier and dirtier. When Hillary Clinton was running, we saw some sexism. Unfortunately, sexism continues to be so rampant in this society, it is almost acceptable (except for women, that is). When Sarah Palin entered the picture, she accused people of sexism as an excuse to not answer legitimate questions. This is not acceptable.

She also has been the dirtiest player to date - slinging mud at Obama, digging up old accusations that are greatly exaggerated, and just inciting scary and dangerous behavior at her rallies. She seems to be the mouthpiece for McCain. Of course, McCain has done his own damage as well. The worst was McCain referring to Obama as "that one" during the last debate. Was it racist, disrespectful or both? He didn't look at him and has shown zero respect throughout.

Perhaps if the Republican side of this election was not so desperately playing these games - and actually talked about the real issues - intelligent, educated people would actually take them seriously. Maybe the Republicans should realize that the American people are not interested in games and mud slinging. We are interested in cleaning up the massive mess that the last eight years of Republican control has created in the first place.

Obama has shown class and the true traits of a leader throughout, and his theme has remained constant. Change indeed - and classy, intelligent change at that.

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