Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some Funny Comments from a Feminist

There is something very significant about funny comments made by an 82 year old woman. This was on "The Daily Dish" by Andrew Sullivan. From her blog, "Margaret and Helen," which celebrates her sixty year friendship with her best bud, Margaret, Helen Philpot really does say what a lot of us would like to. From working extensively with elderly people, I know the older you get, the less you care about what people say about you - and the more you speak your mind. This is often with little or no editing involved. In this case, no editing is needed as this lady is an outspoken gem:
"My name is Helen Philpot. I am 82 years old. My grandson taught me how to do this so that I could “blog” with my best friend Margaret Schmechtman who I met in college almost 60 years ago. I have three children with my husband Harold. Margaret has three dogs with her husband Howard. I live in Texas and Margaret lives in Maine."
Helen goes on to share some not-so-complimentary comments on Sarah Palin:
"Sarah Palin is an ignorant, ranting, whining bitch. There I said it. But lots more are thinking it. Please take your ridiculous hair, your over lipstick-smacking mouth, your Lenscrafter look smarter glasses and your poorly fitted designer jackets back to Alaska. And when you get there, shove a piece of the pipeline up your considerable ass. I’ll be damned if we’ll put our children’s future in your hands. And the same thing goes for McCain - the ass wipe who gave her this national platform effectively pushing the woman’s movement back into the dark ages - knowing McCain that might have been his plan all along."
Feminism has no age limits. Here is an older woman who is a feminist, and a vice presidential candidate who doesn't know the meaning of the word. Helen Philpot does indeed have solid experience and could probably teach Sarah Palin a thing or two.

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